Enegetic Tantra Massage Berlin | spaces & experiences

For the new and the curious we describe a sample tantric massage here and here you find personal and general questions & answers concerning the Tantric Massages.


Here are some accounts of people’s experiences:

Hello Garden of Earthly Delights,
Entering the Garden, I’m received by a warm smile – I know I’m in the right place! Although it’s clear to me that I’ll be paying for the following hours, I start sensing instantly in our first exchange that I will be receiving something that has no price.
Even hours later I’m still wondering how it is possible to experience what I have experienced with a “stranger”.
“Learn to know and love yourself, then you can pass on love to others”, is the answer to my question, I guess.
I’m learning… Christian

Hello Dear,
Yesterday you gave me even more to take with me, than I had thought.
It’s so enriching to encounter people like you who can tune in to others, who are honest and are walking a path in their lives that truely works for them. I’m convinced that you are really able to make a difference this way.
I’ve had wonderful and intense experiences, but even more important is the encouragement to engage with aspects of myself that I seem to have been neglecting. It’s good to be shown that more actually can be possible.
I’m amazed myself at how much this has all impressed and involved me. Great, that I could discover this with help. I wish you all the best, Alexander

“… Thank very much for showing me something very special, for the joy and the bliss you made me feel. I allowed myself to enjoy what was for me a priceless gift. Many thanks and deepest appreciation,

Chris …”

“… You gave me today something precious. I feel so opened, and yet confident as opposed to vulnerable. You have awakened my being so profoundly! I have no words to express how changed I feel. The closest is probably ‘pure joy’.

Kindest Regards, Antoine …”

Hi to the Garden,
Thank You so much for the sublime experience. To feel my body delightfully melting and then awakening lustily a short time later, was wonderful. Your soft and yet strong touch let me forget evrything else right from the beginning. See You soon, Maria

Hi massage angel
to be honest with you, I was pretty nervous at the thought of booking my first tantric massage. I liked your webpage a lot, so I gave it a shot. But then, when I came for my appointment, my calm vanished. God, was I worked up! I considered putting it off…
After you received me in your space, my fear slowly disappeared. Now I’m almost embarrassed that I was so tense before. Because what I was allowed to experience with you during the massage was unbelievable. I felt so nurtured and that it was really intended for me! How you touched me relaxed me completely, and when I was totally gone, lust came and carried me away… Thank you for bringing me back again afterwards so caringly and securely.
Touched, Chris

I just want to thank you again for your massage. It was so different to other massages I’ve experienced. The way you did it was unexpected and exciting. Sometimes soft and sometimes deeper. Also the intim massage was lovely. It all made me happy inside. And you didn’t let me swim in oil ? Wonderful Sophie!
Best wishes from Jan

Dear massage god,
I want to thank you again for the wonderful ritual!!! It was very moving and healing for me. The feeling and flowing together was so deep and intense, so authentic as I have rarely experienced it. The whole day afterwards I could feel the energy and the beautiful love for my own body.
Many, many thanks! Jaya

To an amazing massage artist!
This past weekend I was enabled to experience a journey to myself. On that journey I lost my sense of space and time. Besides the astonishing, pure, physical sensation of energy flow, something else, something truly remarkable happened: It was as if someone had touched my soul in a new profound way.
In deep gratitude for this experience, Hartmut

Hi Sun,
I’ve been floating home gently ?
Thank you very much for the beautiful and intense experience. I’ll definitely visit you again. Best regards, Anna


Ah, Garden Team.
Thank you. That was a journey I never thought possible.
My body is still pulsing with new energy, and when I think of looking into your eyes, I sigh with pleasure. Thank you for your tenderness, your warm smile, your knowing touch, your welcoming brown eyes. You were the highlight of my trip to Berlin and will be a reason to return.
May you receive the same quality of touch and oneness that you gave today. Warmly, David