Energetic Tantra Massage Berlin | Freaquently Asked Questions




The Massage

Scheduling tantra_massage_berlin_fliegen

How do I schedule a session?

In general, you can receive massages between 10 am and 10 pm, Monday through Sunday. Sessions may also take place outside those hours, if possible. Sessions are available exclusively by appointment. Early booking is recommended.

Just contact us under the following number: +49 (0)176-40 300 328

Arranging or confirming an appointment via the website is not possible. However, we’ll be happy to answer any questions online.

How do I find you?

Check under Contact. We are easily to be reached by any means of transportation.

The time I stay includes everything from introductory talk, massage and showers?

Yes, the times given under “Massages” refer to your complete sojourn: Including the massage itself, space for an opening talk and to freshen up before and after. Towels, shower gel, a disposable toothbrush and mouthwash, as well as a hair dryer are available for you. A short follow-up talk and another shower can complete up your stay.

Service tantra_massage_berlin_fliegen

Do you offer gift certificates?

Yes, you can purchase them in the studio. Certificates purchased by phone or email will be sent  by mail upon request, after payment has been received.

Arriving for the appointment, I’ll bring the payment in cash. Will you take care of everything else?

Yes. Everything else is taken care of. Sarongs, towels and the rooms are always freshly set up, pleasant and inviting.

Our tip: if schedule some free time for yourself before and after the massage the experience can have an even deeper and longer-lasting effect.


Hygiene tantra_massage_berlin_fliegen

How do you handle hygiene?

We take excruciating care with the cleanliness of our space. The sarongs and all of the towels are always fresh. The accessories for showering and the massages as well as the bathrooms are cleaned and desinfected after each usage. Our oils are of the best approved organic quality.

The Massage tantra_massage_berlin_fliegen

Sample procedure for an energetic tantra massage:Massage_Tantra_Couple_Session

After your arrival and welcoming into the Garden of Earthly
Delights, there will be a short conversation, during which you
can tune in to the massage mentally .
There will be space for concrete questions and answers.
Afterwards, you will be able to refresh yourself in our bathrooms
and wash away your daily routine.

Then the massage begins. Starting with a short opening ritual, a tuning in
that is clearing away thoughts and tensions,
your body will now also be invited to let go, to relax and to
entrust yourself to the caring hands of the massage artist.
Increasing your sensitivity to subtle energies and emotions flowing in your system,
a deeper guidance through touch and gentle inquiry will take you further.
Step by step every part of your body will
experience soothing, caressing and loving care.

The emphasis will be on the harmonizing of your bodily energies.
Your male (yang) and female (ying) aspect will be brought into
balance in an energizing way.

Your massage artist will pay attention to your body´s undulations and needs, uncovering those parts of your body that long to be touched with love.

 Another important aspect to the massage is the awakening of your senses and your sensuality.
This happens through the various qualities of touch, guiding your own focus into awakening different energy centers of your body or with playful techniques stimulating and indulging you in care.

The massage will culminate in building up your energy and letting it develop and circulate.
This energy will then be spread into your entire body, so that it will be available to you as vital life energy.

The massage will end with final balancing strokes and a short ritual washing. You will now have some more time for yourself, to experience and be conscious of the aftereffects. You may drop into deep stillness and anchor your self fully into the center of your body. 

Your massage artist will still be there for you for a moment.
Afterwards you will have the possibility to shower again and get dressed.
You can now encounter the day, touched and renewed…

By appointment your massage artist will gladly be available for a longer verbal exchange afterwards.

Note: There is no touch of the genitals involved in the energetic tantramasssage.

Is prior experience important for the massage?

No. Here you have the opportunity to let go of all activity for several hours and entrust yourself to the sensitive and caring hands of our experienced massage artists. They will care for the well-being of your body and spirit.

Having a balanced, healthy, body-positive lifestyle has shown to increase awareness and sensitivity to energy. So receiving massages regularily, practicing yoga, dance and meditation will make your experiences more and more profound.

Can I ask to be massaged by a woman as a woman?

Yes, of course! Receiving the Tantra Massage as a woman in a female space of support, acceptance, and sanctuary is a deeply touching and healing experience. Depending on where you are in your sexuality right now, we invite any feelings that may come up in the Yoni Massage, be it tender sensuality, wild pleasure, or pain and hurt from your previous relationships. Our team of women looks forward to going on an inner journey with you, woman to woman.

Can I ask to be massaged by a man as a man myself?

With pleasure! For many men, being massaged by another man is a completely new, intimate experience. Oftentimes men avoid caring touch amongst each other. To be tenderly amd sensually touched by a masseur can trigger feelings of shame and insecurity. Certain ideas or preconceptions of what it means to be a man often stand in the way of freely entering a space where one can experience strong male and at the same time sensually tender touch, to find shelter and recharge. Our team of men invites you from the heart to come on a journey of self-discovery with all your apprehensions, your curiousity and open-mindedness.

Can I book a four-handed massage at your studio?

Yes, even the sensational, “mind-blowing” experience of a four-handed massage is offered at our studio. According to your wishes you can let yourself be massaged by two woman, two men or one woman and one man. You are welcome to ask about and discuss the details with us on the phone.

Can we also book massages as a couple?

Yes, gladly. The session “Coupled Delights” for couples is offered as massages in the same or separate rooms after a pre-talk with all of us together. After the massage you can enjoy an extended resting period to share your experiences and well-being.

Whenever possible we happily consider any special whishes you may have about the massage for couples.