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Tantric touching art with Atman & the Garden Team – Sensual touch lets the human body, mind ans spirit be affected very deeply. Naturally, this is our main focus of the seminars of Garden. Here you can get to know the tantric massage in an open-minded and attentive group that gradually carries us deeper into the loving world of touch. You are welcome to our home of nourishing sensibility where you are free and inspired to feel and celebrate whichever feelings that may occur.
On the Friday afternoon we arrive and get to know each other and playfully explore the art of touch. Later the backgrounds tantric massage will be presented and demonstrations of each part of the massage will give us the tools to finally be able to giva a complete tantric massage. The experience of getting a massage can first be pleasantly exciting, then it goes into a warm feeling of safety and relaxation. You will learn about your own and other partners’ bodies in a sensitive, warm and mindful way. Learn how to intergrate our knowledge into your everyday life to reach personal and social enjoyment and growth. Come Discover!

Details, info & registration: home[at]gardenofearthlydelights.de

‘Tantra Massage Ritual’

3. – 5. June 2016, Berlin-Charlottenburg
few places left 
Friday 17-22:00
Saturday 10-20:00
Sunday 10-18:00
300€ per Person


24.-26. June 2016, Berlin Charlottenburg
some spots left BOOK NOW!!
Friday 17-22:00
Saturday 10-21:00
Sunday 10-19:00
300€ per Person

Tantra Massage HOLIDAY Retreat in France

This retreat is for the ones who want to learn and live the tantric path intensively or for the ones who want to enrich and go deeper into their already tantric path. The picturesque Chez Zen center in the middle of French nature will be our sacred space from the 17th to the 24th of September. “Here are the sacred rivers running; here are the sun and moon as well as all the places of pilgrimage. I have no other temple encountered, which is so blissful as my own body” – Saraha Doha
The form of tantric massage you will be taught on this retreat you will learn to worship yourself and us all as human beings with all our aspects.

Opening the awareness from the depth of your soul through touch and massage will let you free all the emotions and expressions in a safe space. This is an experience beyond words that your body deserves that will reveal its magic for you if you approach it through sensing, feeling and perceiving it in a playful way with us.
The Retreat offers one week of pure experience where we take the time to approach the world of tantric massage, by touch, silence, movement, and discovering ways to enjoy. We will go deeper and deeper into how it feels to be sensual, touchable, powerful human being. All the time recieving loving company from teachers and guidance from the ritual of a classical tantric massage.
In this course we will explore the two poles of the art of massage, both giving and receiving. In the end you will have the tools to giva a complete massage and you will also have the experience and pleasure to recieve touch. We will also discover the tantric intimate massage – the Yoni & Lingam. You get the space awaken into consciousness of your intimite parts in a wonderful way where deep feelings, vitality and the energy force can unfold.
Entering the garden of sacred experiences like this you will encounter the flowers of security, acceptance and mindfulness, amongst other flowers that will give you healing and nurture. We offer you a balance between instruction, practice time and recreation time in the wonderful nature. Within the group we will share related impressions and knowledge of individual limits, hidden talents and the richness of emotional worlds. We look forward to a beautiful, sunny and intense time with you in connection with each other in the soothing late summer evenings.

With love, your Garden Team

Tantric massage training

The universe of Tantric art touch with Atman & Team in Berlin in cooperation with the Tantra Zentrum Berlin.

The Tantra Massage is one of the key disciplines under the massage styles. The combination of relaxation, harmony and sensuality combine to a powerful approach which not only raises the awareness of living but also touches you on an emotional level. Here is a meeting point for openhearted people who wish to discover the deepest insights into our human nature, energetic training and sensitivity. This opens up for you to start your path towards a life of fulfillment and love.

The Tantra massage training is avaliable in basic, intermediate and advanced levels..

Applications and details: home[at]gardenofearthlydelights.de

Tantra Massage Training – private/professional

The Classical Tantra Massage Training consists of 3 Parts:

  • Receiving 4 professional tantra massages
  • A number of individual/small group coaching sessions
  • Participation in the weekend seminars

Timing and comprehensiveness varies
depending on your background

Tantra Massage Training – Master Class

The Master Class Tantra Massage Training consists of 3 Parts:

  • Receiving 8 professional tantra massages
  • A number of individual/small group coaching sessions
  • Participation & Assistance in the seminars

Duration and comprehensiveness varies depending on your skills,
previous training determination and destination