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In the Garden you find a select team that accompanies you with dedication and skill, awareness, depth and humor in your precious, sensual experience. Our versatile trainings and individual talents make each massage a unique & special experience just for you – new and fresh. Allow yourself to enjoy & relax with such great & gifted company.



Trained professional massage practicioners, coaches and teachers at the ‘Garden of Earthly Delights’ offer you individual seminars, events and personal or couples coaching. Experience quantum leaps in your quality of life with the knowledge assembled, tested & applied for years with hundreds of clients .

Claudia loves accompanying women and men into their power and strength. With clarity and love she supports individuals and couples in  their potential for intimacy, vibrancy and fulfilling relationships. In your sessions you’re invited to connection, discovering needs and boundaries  and  enjoy the keys of expressing clearly and directly. Savour self-love. She is in therapeutic bodywork & emotional processing. Her affinity for nature & touch brought her to develop an amazing sensitivity for the body. Wholesome relationships and tantra have been the focus of her personal and professional development. Experience her dedication, understanding and love here.

Nala tempts you to experience how deep receiving, surrendering and feeling your bodily sensations truly can go. Life energy flows out of her hands into your every cell so warming, so precious you can’t help but rejoice. Discover, what your sensitivity was invented for – to carry you into bliss.

Being human can be a challenge or it can be unconditional bliss. Relaxing, being cared for can be a task or the sweetest deliciousness. What realms are you ready to open in your journey of joy?

Ana Mia sees her life as a masseuse as a calling to touch people deeply and soothe them at their core.To her, accompanying women and men on their path to & within a vibrant and fulfilling sexuality, is a matter of the heart. 
Her remarkable sensitivity and nearly magical softness in the massage Her sessions are highly sensual yet clearly structured, letting a  space of trust emerge, inviting release and encouraging you to enjoy and revel in your blissful self. 

Atman enjoys initiating women, men and couples. Get ready to blossom. Here you’ll get the opportunity to strengthen your relationship with yourself and your loved ones. Attain perspectives to deepen personal relaxation, mutual understanding, love and joy in various ways. His education and training in multiple massage styles, meditation and deep relaxation as well as dance, martial arts and physical & mental exercise are the basis of gorgeous, customized sessions. Enjoy amazing experiencesthrough his relaxing, inviting and sensitive approach. Discover realms filled with great levels of bliss, energy and intensity.