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Here you can find an overview of your options at the Garden to experience exquisite massage, relaxation & sensual touch. Go on an expedition.
Feel it to the depths of your heart: Bliss – one of life’s most precious gifts.



    Tantramassages for men / for women
    Four-Handed Tantramassages
    Couple Tantramassages


    “Sensual Touch” Coaching
    Personal Coaching
    Tantric Sexuality Initiation


  • Blind massage 

tantra berlin massage wave


tantra berlin massage wave

Tantramassages for men

Tantric Massage enables you to experience human intimacy in the wide field outside
traditional massages or sex. Here you can dive in to this precious space and be given the gift of its treasures.
In an expansive sensuous ritual you will be revered and accepted as the man you are. Your groin will be included in a natural way, and during the Lingam Massage (energizing touching of the penis) will experience the care and attention it deserves.

You will find the following variations in the “Garden of earthly Delights”:

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Massagen-und-Sessions_Tantra_BerlinMassage_Tantra_Sessions_berlin  Massage_Berlin_Tantra_Sense


tantra berlin massage wave

Tantramassage “Basic”

Sample and learn about the world of Tantric Massage. 
Experience how it feels to have your whole body caressed, perhaps for the first time, experience how the centers of your lust and your senses awaken and are vitalized. You will return from this short vacation recharged and a little bit more yourself.

tantra_massage_berlin_fliegen 2 hours complete stay including talk, shower, massage for 170€

Sensual connection – The choice for a tight schedule

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tantra berlin massage wave


Tantramassage “Classic”

This is the classical Tantric Massage. It provides ample time to dive deeply into the world of pleasure. We devote ourselves to your senses intensely. Your vitality can spread out and fill even the most hidden parts of your body. The caring caresses in this longer version also strengthen you more lastingly on a spiritual level.

tantra_massage_berlin_fliegen 2,5 hours complete stay including talk, shower, massage for 200€

A balm of caresses for body and soul – recommended choice for newcomers

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tantra berlin massage wave


Tantramassage “De Luxe”

The essence of Tantric Massage. This is the climax of awakening and developing sexual energy as a joyous, healing source of strength that will expand your consciousness.
Pure luxury – you can fill up in abundance, experience yourself floating on your lust and vitality – you can take the time to explore and spread out. Delight, insight and pure energy await you in that place beyond time and space.

tantra_massage_berlin_fliegen 3 hours complete stay including talk, shower, massage for 250€

The luxury version for lust- & pleasure junkies, self-discoverers and bliss-lovers

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Individual Massage-Sessions for Women

Witness your precious feminine self – “The divine dance”.Massage_Energy_tantra_Studio_Berlin

In the ancient Indian tongue of Sanskrit, yoni means “source of life”,
and refers to the female genitalia, the woman’s loins.

The framework of a tantric massage ritual invites you to
experience and enjoy your sensuality and sexuality independently of a partner. Caring and appreciative touch reminds you how beautiful you are and how multi-faceted your intimate sensations can be.
You have no goal to reach. You rather have all the time you
need to get into yourself and your yoni. Increasing awareness
and presence of your vagina lets you discover her as her own
temple that you yourself worship and revere.

Let your yoni seduce you.

The relaxing journey begins with an individual massage of your whole body, to open and prepare for the yoni massage. Your breasts, as well as the entire outer area of your yoni, are included and touched in detail. Only when your yoni opens and is ready, the touch expands to the space within. Here, the focus is on discovering what your yoni needs at that moment, and how she wants to be touched.
It could be about affectionate devotion and reverance of her uniqueness. Or she wants her boundaries to (finally) be seen and respected, so that your desire feels welcome to explore and enjoy.

The yoni massage can touch you very deeply. Emotions that have been held back can begin to flow, and areas lacking sensation can awake to new life. Perhaps you will open to unrealized dimensions of your feminine power, lust and inner wisdom on your journey to the source of your womanhood.

An individual session lasts at least two and a half hours, and includes a talk before and afterwards, a shower, as well as an individual massage and subsequent yoni massage, which is completely tuned to you and your needs.

At the “Garden of earthly Delights” we offer you the following massages:

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Labia Massage”Massage_Yoni_Women_Tantra

The Labia Massage lends itself to first experiences in yoni massage, or for women who wish to encounter being in contact with their sexuality without initially letting someone in to their yoni.
It can also simply be a luxurious time for lust and touching the entire outer area of the yoni extensively – the pelvic floor, pubic mound, labia and clitoris – and indulging in it. Often, sexual partners will not take the time for this, since their energetic programming draws them inside which can be too fast for many women.

tantra_massage_berlin_fliegen 2,5 hours complete stay for 200€

Tender awakening of your Venus

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“Yoni Healing Massage”Massage_For_Women_Tantra

The Yoni Healing Massage offers you the opportunity to explore
and discover your outer as well as your inner intimate landscape for all the time you need.
Negative experiences stored in the yoni as numbness and
energetic blocks, are gently released through sensitive and
concious touch, and can be “rewritten”. They are replaced more and more by enjoyable points of pleasure which transform the sleeping loins into a living, lustful temple of vitality.
This massage focuses on an alert sensing, cleansing and vitalising of your inner feminine space. In this process, your feedback and naming of your own wishes, preferences and sensations are part of the journey of exploration and expanding consciousness you will take to your primal feminine strength (Yonitalk).

tantra_massage_berlin_fliegen 3 hours complete stay for 250€

Loving nourishment for your Blossom

tantra berlin massage wave


“Yoni Energy Massage”Tantra_Women_Lust_Erotic

The Yoni Energy Massage activates and vitalizes a woman’s
various centers of pleasure inside and outside the yoni, connecting them to each other on an exhilarating journey. Your totally unique sensuality and sexuality are allowed to bloom and express itself.
The flow of breath is especially significant in this, and will be
encouraged and supported throughout the session. After your
entire body has been supplied and charged with pulsating
energy, you will have the possibility of experiencing a Big Draw
(energetic orgasm).

tantra_massage_berlin_fliegen 3 hours complete stay for 250€

Igniting your inner fire.

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“Garden of earthly Delights”

The massage ritual for kings and queens: one of the great gifts the Tantra Massage holds is the experience of feeling yourself so deeply, you can let go completely of all day-to-day troubles and thoughts. Here you discover a space where our touch draws pleasure and ecstasy from your body and the soul shows its true wonder. The 4-hand-massage can produce this inner state like few other versions of the Tantra Massage. As the head surrenders, the way is opened for the pure tenderness of this journey.

According to your desires you will be spoiled by two women, two men or one woman and one man at the same time. Correspondingly you are able to nourish your femininity or masculinity in a strong field of safety and support or get charged in the opposing polarity and experience lustful ecstasy. To speak to and unite both aspects in you, we offer you female as well as male energy in a harmonic and masterful sensual composition.

tantra_massage_berlin_fliegen 2,5 hours complete stay including talk, shower, massage for 2×200€

Leave all expectations behind and experience heaven on earth

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Massage_Men_Tantra_Energy                      Massage_Lust_Hands_Tantra

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Couple massages

“Couple Delights”

Couple massages are an exciting excursion for two. Opens treasuries in your body and heart. A journey to come overwhelmingly close to your essence as individual and together share the spirit of this revelation. Intimate experiences to inspire, nourish, encourage tenderness are the gift of the tantra massage for couples.

Everything is welcome to be – here: pleasure, softness, your overflowing hearts as well as insecurity, pain and joy. You are wonderful, the way you are, home. This experience is the invitation to enjoy tangibly sensual soothing touch. A great gem of life – in every respect just delicious.

tantra_massage_berlin_fliegen  3 hours complete stay including talk, showers, massage and joint extended rest period for 2 x 250 €

Magical time for two




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tantra berlin massage wave


Learning from professionals

Our experience with the Tantra Massage sessions is that they go “under the skin” and often touch intimate places in the recipient’s being.
For this we offer you our support and guidance within the safe environment of a coaching, to turn our attention together to the hidden intimate places within you.
Whatever may await you on the way, we look forward to receiving you in your willingness to meet it and will competently stand by your side in trust and confidence. You are warmly invited with all your curiousity and openness, as well as your shame, your pain, and your vulnerability. Be welcome with your power, your passion and your joy in playing and discovering.

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“Sensual Touch” Coaching

We are deeply convinced of the healing and nourishing effects of the Tantra Massage. One’s own lust and sensuality are kindled and inflamed anew in this ritual of veneration for body, mind, and soul. We want to share this very empirical space with you, discover it together and deepen it.

You have already experienced the pleasure of a Tantra Massage and want to learn how to spoil your partner with sensual touch to the point of ecstasy?

You desire honest and constructive feedback about how you touch and are curious to know what woman / man needs to feel all around happy and loved?

You are a couple in search of fresh impulses and inspiration for your love life? You want to dive into the world of Tantra Massage and learn together how you can bestow the gift of loving sensual touch to each other?

tantra_massage_berlin_fliegen per hour of coaching in the art of sensual touch for individuals 180 € or couples 120€

Touch is an expression of love

tantra berlin massage wave

Massage_Touch_Lust_Berlin_Tantra  Massage_Hands_Tantra_Lust  Massage_Sensuality_Touch_Tantratantra berlin massage wave


Personal Coaching

Oftentimes exploring our most intimate and hidden questions together shows us the way what we are looking for. Here lies the key to your freedom.

There is something on your mind that you would like to talk about that didn’t find room during the massage session?

You have a personal issue from your love life that you would like to share and look at with one of our massage therapists?

You are looking to get in touch with your own lust and are wondering what stands in the way of submitting fully to your lust and love (to your life)?

For once you would like to talk freely and openly about your sexual desires, problems, or fantasies?

You are looking for support with a particular issue or answers to a specific question in your sexuality that moves you?

tantra_massage_berlin_fliegen per hour personal coaching 120 €

Answers and space for your feelings and thoughts


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tantra berlin massage wave
Tantric Sexuality Initiation

Most couples in modern cultures do feel the call to being initiated in the arts of love. Thousands of years of experiential research and well guarded  physical as energetic discoveries assembled a vast treasure of wisdom in various tantric lineages. Combined with modern scientific knowledge about anatomy, sexology, physiology, psychology and affiliated disciplines in this coaching couples can experience and realize the mundane and profound aspects of what life holds in store for man & woman.

tantra_massage_berlin_fliegen per hour personal coaching 150 € – minimum 2 hours

Love & creation – Enter the tantric universe